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Welcome to the website of Dandelion Seeds Floral Art!

girl with flowers

We chose the word salon to emphasize our combination of an art gallery and a floral shop. You are always welcome in our salon to enjoy the exhibition of floral art objects with a cup of fresh coffee. As you explore our gallery you’ll notice that we create our unique structures through different techniques and crafting styles. The use of unexpected material combinations, a variety of color palates, and the integration of different textures intrigues the mind and pleases the eye. For the final touch we incorporate exotic fresh flowers from around the world ranging from California to Holland. We are always excited to introduce you to the latest trends, styles, and designs of the floral world. Our salon always has an assortment of fresh arrangements that you can take home on the spot, and of course you can always order for:

Each project we create at your request is unlike the next because it is based on your personal taste, mood, and fantasies, therefore, it will never be repeated.